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Forget Smoking: How to Find the Perfect Vape Pen for Your Customer\\

Forget Smoking: How to Find the Perfect Vape Pen for Your Customers

Ever since the health risks of smoking were exposed, smokers have looked for alternative ways to get their fix of nicotine.

While patches and gum were effective enough for some to quit, the new favorite method is vaping, with more than double the sales between 2014 and 2018.

With the continuing evolution of the electronic cigarette market, there are a lot of options. Let's talk about e-cigarettes and how to find the perfect vape for your customers.

Types of E-Cigarettes

Whether you call them e-cigarettes or vapes, they all work the same. A battery sends out a certain amount of watts to a cotton-wrapped coil, known as an atomizer, which heats up a coil and turns the e-liquid into vapor.

So how are there so many different types?

With so many types of vapes on the market, it can be difficult to know what fits a customer's needs.

Let's go over the different types of vapes on the market, and what they offer to different clientele.


Starting in 2003, these disposable e-cigarettes are the original e-cigarette. They look just like a cigarette, and they produce small clouds of vapor with a moderately high nicotine content.

These are now typically used for people who want to quit smoking, and not become reliant on vaping.

Because you have to purchase a new one every time it dies, it is not the cheapest option for long-term vapers.


Vape pens hit the market in the mid-2000s after their disposable brothers and became popular around 2012.

Pens are rechargeable and use a small tank at the top. You only need to replace the atomizer (coil) and replenish the e-liquid (juice).

Pens offer some great benefits, including:


Pens draw smaller clouds and are easily concealed in a pocket. Great for keeping secret.


Vape pens are pretty cheap up front and affordable for atomizer replacements. You'll also save money on juice because of the low wattage.


Because of the small amount of wattage being used in a pen, battery life seems to last a reasonable amount of time, and are quickly rechargeable.

Check out the best vape pens on the market today.


While vape pens started the vaping revolution, they were quickly overtaken by mods.

Mods are larger devices that hold a refillable tank at the top, often offering adjustable wattage to control the amount of vapor you want to draw.

Mods are known for producing the biggest clouds with each draw, so it is a good idea to keep your nicotine level low when using a mod.

There are two different types of tanks you can use with a mod, drip and refillable.

Drip Tanks

Drip tanks are an open coil that you pack with cotton, and you drip the vape juice over it. These tanks usually offer bigger clouds, but you have to refill it frequently.

You also have the option replace the cotton instead of the whole atomizer. That can save money.

Refillable Tanks

Refillable tanks are the most popular option for mod-users. They offer the ability to refill in high amounts, and the device will keep the cotton in the atomizer wet, helping it last longer.

You have to refill it less, but you can't replace the burned cotton.

Check out the best mod vapes available today.


The pod system has been gaining a lot of "steam" in the market thanks to pod vapes like the Smok Novo and Juul, giving mods a run for their money.

The rise in sales came with the new trend of using nicotine salt-based juices. These liquids offer a much more potent amount of nicotine, so they don't need a lot of power and shouldn't be used with a big mod.

The pod system offers a low-cost device that takes disposable cartridges filled with salt-based e-juice, and rather than refilling, you purchase packs of prefilled pods.

Pod vapes like the Suorin Drop offer the same effect, but with refillable pods.

Pods have a few great advantages.


Most vapes using the pod system are incredibly slim, easy to carry and don't produce large clouds. This is great for remaining discrete.


For upfront costs, pods are very affordable. The downside is the cost over time. Especially with pre-filled pods, as they don't last as long.


Pods are really starting to take over the market, so it is the current source of hype for vapers.

The downside with these is that many pods using such high levels of nicotine make it highly addictive. This is not a great option for someone looking to lose their nicotine addiction.

Check out the best-selling pods to learn more.

Finding The Perfect Vape

The only way to pick the perfect vape for your customer is to ask questions. Find out their needs.

They may not know a lot about vapes, especially for people just starting.

Ask them questions like:

  • Do you smoke?
  • If so, how much?
  • Are you quitting?
  • Do you want high nicotine - Or big clouds?
  • Will you vape long-term?

If your customer is trying to fully quit smoking, and they smoke a pack a day, they likely need a higher nicotine content to commit.

Use this knowledge to your advantage, and use your best judgment. Offer a heavy smoker a pod system, and warn them that it can be just as addictive. Informed customers are happy customers.

If they say that this is a short-term plan to quit nicotine completely, offer them a cig-a-like. Let them know that they can be pricier over time and that it may be what they need.

If they say they don't smoke and just want to blow some clouds, offer a mod.

It is best to know as much as you can to help your customers, from products to health risks.

Next Steps

Keep your customers coming back by finding the best products for them.

Finding the perfect vape can be challenging, but the more you know, the better off you are.

It really comes down to what the customer wants, so keep yourself informed about the newest products and what they have to offer. You won't regret it.

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