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Level Up or Down? A Guide to Choosing the Right Vape Nicotine Levels

Level Up or Down? A Guide to Choosing the Right Vape Nicotine Levels

According to a recent survey, roughly 10.8 million adults in the United States are vaping.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers don't contain the tar and chemicals found in normal cigarettes. Since they're a safer alternative, many people are switching over. E-liquids also have different nicotine strengths, so vape users can pick what suits them best.

People that are new to vaping may wonder how to pick the right nicotine level. If a customer walks in wanting advice on how strong to get their e-juice, you should know how to help them out.

Picking the right level depends on many factors including whether they are a smoker or not. In this guide, we discuss the different strengths and how to pick the right vape nicotine levels.

Nicotine Strengths in E-Liquids

First off, what are the different e-liquid strengths? When it comes to nicotine levels, e-juices are measured in milligrams (mg) per milliliter (mL). Sometimes labels drop the mL part, but the potency remains implied. 

The milligram strength may vary by brand, but these ballpark numbers are common:

0mg/mL, 3mg/mL, 6mg/mL, 12mg/mL, and 18mg/mL

Again, the gradations may vary in some brands. For example, 11mg may be used instead of 12mg but the range is similar.

Knowing which dose to pick can turn a potentially negative first-time experience into a positive one.

A 12-16mg dosage is close to the levels in traditional cigarettes. Cigarette nicotine levels vary by brand but this is comparable to most cigarettes. This also provides a similar throat hit to a regular cigarette.

Meanwhile, a 0mg dosage is great for someone that wants to quit smoking but enjoys the feeling of vaping.

Leveling Up or Down

When switching to a new nicotine level, it's recommended to only move one level at a time. This means that if you started with 12mg you should move up to 14mg or down to 6mg.

The exact number depends on the brand and the nicotine weight levels per milliliter.

Moving one level at a time helps someone new to vaping decide which level is perfect for them without going too high or too low. Although it takes trial and error, this way vape users can avoid nicotine overdose symptoms.

What Happens When a Level Is Too Low?

This depends on whether the person vaping is a former smoker or not.

Lower concentrations of nicotine provide a smoother hit, which may be preferable to non-smokers. This doesn't mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes but it's not the intensity these vape users are after.

Smokers and people trying to quit smoking might be looking for a stronger dose. Picking too low of a dose may result in compensation smoking. Since the body still craves nicotine, users smoke more to make up for the nicotine withdrawal.

Another reason former smokers may prefer a higher dose is that the throat hit is stronger. Vaping with a high level of nicotine feels the most like a cigarette.

This makes decreasing the potency and quitting easier since you can trick the mind.

What About Too High?

Choosing a high dosage of nicotine when your body isn't used to it results in overloading your body. The intensity of the hit may be unpleasant, which may turn first-time vape users off.

Since nicotine affects the feeling and taste of e-liquids, people might blame the unpleasant sensations on vaping. In reality, all they had to do was decrease the nicotine levels.

Vaping Without Nicotine

Although most people use vapes with nicotine, some people prefer products without it.

Sometimes these people want to try vaping first to see if the sensation is right for them. Others may not smoke at all, or may have quit smoking but enjoy the flavors or feeling of vaping.

There is also a social aspect to vaping. Vape lounges and events are great places to meet people in the vaping community and hang out.

Because there are so many reasons someone may choose to vape, most e-liquid types have varying nicotine levels to pick.

Considering Vape Session Length

Another factor to consider when it comes to nicotine strength is the amount of time a user spends vaping.

People that like shorter sessions might want a higher level of nicotine in their e-liquid. This is ideal for people that need shorter sessions. An example might be someone that vapes in the car or on a break at work.

Lower concentrations are best for people that enjoy the social aspect of vaping and prefer longer sessions.

Using a high level of nicotine in a long session may result in headaches or nausea. If a user experiences any of these overdose symptoms, that's a good sign they need to adjust their e-liquid nicotine strength.

Feel Free to Experiment

You can always tell your customers to experiment to find the right level for them.

Sometimes people who vape also smoke regular cigarettes. In this case, what they're looking for in their vaping experience may vary.

Current smokers might want to switch over to using a vape, or they may enjoy the flavors and sensation of vaping. Consider a customer's preferences when recommending vape juice nicotine levels.

People that enjoy that throat hit associated with cigarettes tend to use a high level of nicotine. Heavy smokers might want to start high, such as 12mg or above.

Moderate or light smokers should start with the 6mg strength liquids. This type works well in a tank or atomizer.

A 3mg strength is best for drip vaping. Dripping is more about the flavor and the experience. And 0mg is an ideal choice for people trying to quit smoking.

Choosing the Best Vape Nicotine Levels for the Situation

To have the best vaping experience, sometimes you have to switch up the nicotine strength. The amount of nicotine in vape juice varies.

The best vape nicotine levels depend on the user and their preferences. Former and current smokers might prefer a medium or high level of nicotine in their e-liquids. Vape users without any smoking experience should try a lower dosage and work their way up.

Remember, nicotine amounts should be gradually increased or decreased by one level at a time.

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