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Top 10 Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking Cigarettes

The Top 10 Vaping Benefits vs. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes presents many health risks, from lung and throat cancer to higher levels of anxiety. Smoking affects nearly every organ in the body.

As an alternative, some smokers are turning to vaping. The idea of a smokeless cigarette was first introduced in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert.

The idea did not come to fruiting until more recently. Now, as the phenomenon takes the world by storm, you may be wondering if you should put down your traditional cigarettes.

Although vaping presents certain health effects of its own, there are some benefits you may notice.

Find out some of the vaping benefits you may notice if you switch now.

1. A Whiter, More Beautiful Smile

It's no secret that cigarette smoke stains nearly everything, including your teeth. After years of smoking, you may notice your smile has turned an odd shade of yellow.

E-cigarettes produce more tar, which means no more tar-stained teeth. You can walk around town with a smile without worrying about who may judge.

As a bonus, your breath may also benefit. We've all kissed a smoker.

2. Considering Quitting?

Quitting can be a long journey that seems to never end. It's like driving through Nebraska. Torture.

E-liquids range in nicotine content. Over time, you can lower the nicotine levels you choose, easing the torture that comes with cessation.

One of the first things smokers miss about smoking is holding a cigarette. Even if you choose an e-liquid with no nicotine, you at least have the comfort of holding something in your hand.

3. Fewer Harmful Chemicals

Compared to conventional cigarette smoke, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes contains fewer harmful chemicals.

Nicotine itself does not cancer. The cancer-causing agents are the other chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

4. The Smell of Fresh-Baked Bread

When I was working in a bakery, I smoked cigarettes. Turns out, I was missing out on the beautiful smells produced from baking bread.

Smoking damages the receptors in your nose. If you choose to switch to vaping, you'll find that you can breathe again.

Similarly, smoking affects your taste buds. Foods may have duller tastes. You're missing out on one of the most basic pleasures of being a human!

5. Easy Breezy

Beautiful skin is something we are all after. Smoking quickly affects your complexion. Smokers develop wrinkly skin and fine lines at a much younger age than non-smokers.

You only get to be young for so long, so you should value your youthful complexion.

Switching to e-cigarettes could save your skin from further damage. Value the skin your in, and take care of it.

6. Like Eating Candy Without the Sugar High

Cigarettes tend to come in one flavor: tobacco. Menthol cigarettes are, of course, an exception.

E-liquids come in a variety of flavors. You can enjoy anything from bubble gum to cotton candy to strawberry. It can be a pleasant experience to taste the flavor of chocolate without worrying about cavities or calories.

For those flavor-focused individuals, this is an attractive option.

7. Only You Can Stop Littering

As a smoker, it becomes second nature to just throw your butts on the ground. They get washed into storm drains and litter the streets.

Additionally, fires are regularly ignited by discarded butts.

If you switch to vaping, you will no longer have any butts to throw on the ground. No more unsuspecting birds will choke on your old butts.

Smoking cigarettes also contribute to atmospheric pollution. Vaping does not.

As a responsible citizen of the Earth, you can help stop polluting our planet and unnecessary fires.

8. More Energy and Enthusiasm

Smoking can drain you of energy and make it difficult to breathe. It could be the factor that keeps you from enjoying an evening run every day.

It simply becomes impossible to breathe healthily. Your blood can't carry as much oxygen, because it is filled with carbon dioxide.

With e-cigarettes, you can ease some of this and regain some of the energy you may not even remember having. You can take advantage of that fitness plan you talk about all the time.

Overall, regain that old lust for life.

9. No Lingering Smell on Your Fingertips

Have you ever been sitting in a coffee shop and smelled a cloud of smoke walk past? The smell stains not only your clothes but your fingertips.

Unless you wash your hands compulsively, you could be carrying around the smell with you everywhere you go. Even if you blow the smoke downwind!

We've all felt that judgmental stare from a stranger in public. You can't help it! But you can.

E-cigarettes produce no unpleasant tobacco smell. This means your fingers won't give you away.

This makes it easier to make friends or land a date in a culture that looks down on cigarette smoking.

10. You Will Save So Much MONEY

Depending on where you live, you could be spending upwards of $10 on a pack of cigarettes. Smoke a pack a day, and that becomes $70 a week!

Vaping is a considerably cheaper choice. You need only make a one-time investment in a device.

Then, you pay for the e-liquid whenever you run out. E-liquids are considerably cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes every day.

Over time, you will also save money on buying new clothes to replace you hopelessly smelly ones. You could also save on doctor visits and health insurance.

If money won't convince, I don't know what will.

Vaping Benefits: Convert Now

There are a lot of really good reasons to quit smoking conventional cigarettes and switch to vaping. Whether you are trying to quit smoking or just want to feel the cool sensation of cherry candy on your tongue, you can reap the benefits of vaping.

This has been a PSA about vaping benefits. If you're considering the world of vaping, check out our range of products. You can find some starter kits here.

Look after your health and save money. Switch now.

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