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Top 10 Tips: Best Cloud Chaser Mods for Big Puffs of Vapor

Top 10 Tips: Best Cloud Chaser Mods for Big Puffs of Vapor 

Why do you vape?

For some, it’s all about cloud chasing. For others, it’s a means to quit smoking. With more than 35 million vapers worldwide today, there’s bound to be something in this new industry for you.

If you’re still on the fence about vaping, you need to know about the facts people get wrong about vaping. It might encourage you to start vaping since it’s safer than traditional smoking. But if you’re already doing it, you might want to learn the best cloud chaser mods around.

It’s especially important if you want to make those fat clouds for competitive vaping. Different mods can alter how the vape juice tastes or how much cloud you create. Read on if you want to learn more about the best cloud chasing mod sets in the market.

1. SMOK Alien

This brand gives some of the best mods in the vaping industry. A lot of people argue that the SMOK Alien is the best mod if you want to do some cloud chasing. After all, this 220W mod produces massive clouds while giving the best conditions for ohms, volts, and wattage.

Its power along with its stability and effectiveness at its temperature control makes SMOK Alien powerful. This mod can handle your requirements with ease. It doesn’t break if you need to crank the heat or increase the ohms.

2. Innokin iSub Apex Tank

The Innokin brand caught up with the cloud chasing mania, and this mod sits at the top of their product line. It’s easy to use while ensuring that its build and design remains sturdy. That means it can cater to both beginner and veteran cloud chasers.

Its basic design includes an easy to swap coil system and top-filling mechanisms. Its unique feature is the sub-ohm tank called Apex Prism technology. Its peak performance sits at 20-30 watts, meaning it gives the best vape clouds—thick and colorful.

3. VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC Mod

This brand is one of the fan favorites, especially with cloud chasers. They’re known for their effective, powerful, and durable mods. The V-Grip 75 TC mod combines flavorful clouds with the brand’s cutting-edge technology.

It has an OLED display that shows its voltage, amps, and ohms in real time. It has a 18650 battery that gives 75 watts of power without losing consistency. It also comes with temperature control and a TCR functionality, making it one of the top cloud chasing mods around.

4. SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank

Do you want to enjoy large vape clouds? If so, you can try sub-ohm vaping. It needs a careful balance between the battery’s capacity and the coil’s draw.

If you’re having problems with this, the SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm tank makes it easier for you. It helps you achieve that tasty flavor with clouds so thick your friends get envious. It helps set you apart from the 53% of American adults who tried vaping.

5. Sigelei Fuchai GLO 230W TC Vape Mod

You need a versatile mod that enjoys a reputation of high quality if you want to chase clouds. The Sigelei Fuchai helps give you the versatility you need for cloud chasing. It has a lot of color choices that let you enjoy its impressive power output of 230 watts.

This means the juices get turned to vapor in an instantaneous fashion, producing thick vapor clouds. You can enjoy its benefits in comfort due to its durable, ergonomic design.

6. SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box MOD

Power-hungry cloud chasers will love this mod since it has a tough, resilient design. It has dual battery capacity for a longer-lasting experience. It has an SX550 chipset that makes it a vast improvement over the brand’s previous models.

This mod comes equipped with a screen you can control with a joystick. This allows you to get full control over your vaping experience. If you want to know how to get bigger clouds from a vape, this product is your choice.

7. Clapton Coils

If you want the best coils for clouds, the Clapton coil is one of your better bets. Its design helps you increase the coil’s surface area, making a huge difference in the amount of vape produced. Its downside is that it has a long time to ramp up — meaning it takes longer to get it to the right vaping temperature.

8. Parallel Coils

This type of coil is similar to dual coils, except that the strands get wrapped side-by-side at the same time. It looks like an ordinary coil but it’s two interlocked coils, increasing its surface area like the Clapton coils.

Parallel coils also reduce the resistance, meaning it produces vapors more compared to other coil types. Its ability to ramp up quickly covers the main downside Clapton coils have. It’s also easier to wrap, meaning it’s safer for beginners to use.

9. Augvape Druga Foxy

This mod is great if you want to use your vape for both casual and competitive environments. It has a variable voltage and wattage. Most vapers prefer this feature, especially the sub-ohm crowd when they need to make fat, thick clouds.

The Augvape Druga Foxy fires up fast, turning on as soon as you swap the battery. It has a simple display with a set of controls protected by a magnetized panel. That means you won’t worry about accidental adjustments to the settings.

10. Smoant Charon 218W TC

This box mod gives a strong performance with its dual battery system. It uses the Ant218 chipset, meaning it can fire down to 0.1ohm while handling custom temperature curves.

It’s fast-firing, meaning there’s almost no delay when pressing the fire button.

Get the Best Cloud Chaser Mods Today!

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