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Vape 101: 7 Different Types of Vapes Your Business Should Always Keep Stocked

Vape 101: 7 Different Types of Vapes Your Business Should Keep Stocked

Whether you're an e-commerce startup or a brick and mortar retail store, there's serious money to made in vape.

The industry is growing at an astronomical rate. In fact, the global vape market is now worth over $22 billion, up from $4 billion a mere five years ago. 

Almost certainly, the increase in vape sales is tied to a global push to give up smoking. Studies have found vaping to be a far safer alternative to cigarettes.

And with all this money to be made, it's crucial to stock the right types of vape devices to capitalize on the market.

Read on for a vape 101 beginners guide to stocking your business for success.


Consumers love choice. And even though the archaic cig-a-like vapes are far from the best sellers these days, it makes sense to keep a few on hand for those who like to kick it old school.

As the name implies, these first generation vapes were initially designed to mimic the cigarette. They're typically relatively small and cylindrical, often only slightly larger than a real cigarette.

Users draw in vapor just by sucking because there is no button to push. Furthermore, an LED on the end lights up to imitate the ember of a burning cigarette. Also, cig-a-likes are a mouth to lung vape, meaning the user holds the vapor in their mouth before inhaling into their lungs. 

All these features are intended to help the smoker quit cigarettes by using a product that looks and feels just like their former vice. This is believed to make it much easier for them to give up the habit.

However, ciga-a-likes are relatively obsolete as vape pens tend to offer more power for a similar price.

Why You Should Stock Cig-A-Likes

Even though there are far superior products out there, the Ciga-a-likes low price point makes them an attractive option to those who want to try vaping for the first time. 

Be sure to get disposable ones as these are the cheapest way to vape. It's worth stocking a few non-disposable units as well. The latter can be recharged and refilled with e-juice.

Pen Vapes

Vape Pens were revolutionary at their release, and still retain a decent market share today. Of all the different kinds of vape out there, think of these as being midrange.

As the name suggests, Pen vapes are long and skinny, shaped like a pen. The user will e-liquid in the chamber at the top. At the push of a button, this liquid is heated up by the coil (or atomizer) and drawn through the tip. 

The vape pen was totally dominant throughout the 2000s, during which only fixed voltage devices were available. This means the user cannot customize the voltage.

Nowadays, tube mods are the latest vape pen craze. These allow users to adjust a whole range of characteristics, similar to the box mod but in pen form. 

Variable voltage and variable temperature vape pens are worth stocking. These have less customization ability than the tube mods but do at least allow the user to control temperature or voltage, which is a crucial part of the vaping experience.

Depending on the power of the mod and how the user sets the airflow, pen vapes can provide either a mouth to lung hit or a stronger direct to lung hit.

The battery, coil, and nicotine juice are all replaceable which means a user could hang onto the same vape pen for years.

Why You Should Stock Vape

As the most mainstream types of vaporizer, the vape pen is a must in your store.

Prices are low, which makes it attractive to new users. Be sure to stock the different options to provide maximum consumer choice.

Box Mods

As a relatively recent invention, the Box Mod is kind of like an intermediate vape. They're not overly complicated but they do provide a higher degree of functionality.

First up, the Box Mods (which are shaped like a box) have an LCD screen which can display all sorts of information. Users can set the wattage, temperature (if the right coil is installed), see statistics on how much they vape, and even connect to the internet.

The main advantage of the mod is they have a bigger tank, meaning the user needn't refill as often as a pen. Perhaps more importantly, they usually take two powerful batteries which means you can turn the wattage right up and blow bigger clouds. Not only does this look cool, but heavy users prefer more powerful devices because they provide a more pleasant vape.

Why You Should Stock Box Mods

Box mods are a prevalent type of device suitable for the moderately experienced user. The lower end models are somewhat affordable, so it's worth stocking a wide range.

Mechanical Mods

Although mechanical mods generally look similar to box mods, they're a whole world apart. These vapes are strictly for the hardcore user who sees vaping as a hobby rather than an alternative nicotine intake system.

Users must have a strong knowledge of battery safety, ohms law, and safe building practice. Otherwise, they run the risk of serious harm. Overcharged batteries could literally explode in their face!

Due to the danger and extra work involved, most vapers don't bother with mechanical mods. Nevertheless, a small niche of enthusiasts do.

Why You Should Have Mechanical Mods

Even if you don't sell many, you'll create the impression of being a cool enthusiast store.

Pod Vapes

Ever heard of JUUL? It's all the rage so you absolutely must stock these to succeed.

Pod vapes use nicotine e-salts which come in replaceable cartridges instead of liquid. Many users prefer these because traditional juice is sticky and often leaks from the tank.

However, the main reason vapers love pods is that they're super strong and feel just like smoking a real cigarette which is perfect for former smokers. The fact that cartridges can be easily found in places like gas stations adds to the appeal.

Why You Should Carry Pods

JUUL is the highest selling vape of all time, while others are pretty popular too. 

Sub Ohm Vapes

Sub ohm refers to coils which can function under one ohm. This makes them create epic clouds, but there's some risk involved. 

It's crucial to use sub ohm coils in suitable devices and with adequate batteries. Always warn your users to research the topic thoroughly before getting into the sub ohm scene.

Vape Juice

Although not exactly a device, many stores make more off vape juice than the devices themselves. A vaper will purchase juice again and again, so it's crucial to secure their loyalty by stocking quality product at a good price.

Why You Should Sell Pods

Juice is an ongoing requirement and has a nice profit margin.

Vape 101

And that brings us to the end of our vape 101 on what devices your business should stock. Remember to start off slow on the less prevalent products.

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