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VG vs PG: Understanding the Difference and How It Affects Performance

VG vs PG: Understanding the Difference and How It Affects Performance

A major hurdle to attracting new vape customers is how complicated the whole thing is. Beginner vapers are bombarded with countless options for devices, coils, e-juice flavors, and nicotine levels.

And although the industry is growing at a tremendous rate, it's crucial to be up to date on the details to reel in and retain new customers.

Regardless of whether you're an online retailer or a brick and mortar store, you need to know your box mods from your vape pens.

And more importantly, your VG vs PG. 

Today, we're going to look at the difference between the two and how varying the levels can affect the vaping experience. By the end of this article, you'll be better equipped to provide your customers with the quality service they deserve.

What Are VG And PG?

Before we can start advising our clients on what ratio is best for them, it's crucial to understand what VG and PG are, as well as the difference between the two.

Both PG and VG are liquids that form the "base" of an e-juice. Each has unique properties that affect the flavor, throat hit, and cloud size, among other things. 

VG stands for vegetable glycerin while PG stands for propylene glycol. Both are considered safe for human consumption are used across a variety of other products outside the vaping world.

PG may have some adverse effects which I'll discuss below.

What Are the Characteristics of PG Vape Juice

Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid that has no natural flavor, which allows a stronger taste of their chosen flavor. Because it has no natural ingredients, it also has a significantly longer shelf life than VG. 

Propylene glycol's properties can cause mild to moderate throat irritation on the user. Some vapers find it has no effect at all, while others may suffer severely.

In the most extreme cases, vapers can be allergic to PG and will experience symptoms such as hives, an upset stomach or rashes. In these situations, the vaper should switch to a 100% VG base immediately. 

Propylene glycol has a higher temperature resistance. Therefore, the vaper must have a higher voltage device to produce a satisfactory amount vapor with each hit. Those chasing massive clouds usually prefer to lay off the PG. If the device isn't properly regulated, there could even be an icky burnt taste.

What Are the Characteristics of VG Vape Juice

Vegetable glycerin is the opposite in many ways. The Yin to the Yang, if you will.

The liquid is natural, which means that its shelf life is notably lower than PG. It's also thicker and has an inherent natural sweetness that detracts from many e-juice flavors.

VG heavy e-juice is much less irritating on the throat and, therefore, ideal for vapers who suffer from this negative side effect. Its thicker consistency allows means that the user can blow much fatter clouds than they would with a high pg vape juice.

The downside to VG is that because it's so thick, it can easily gunk up the wick and the coil. A vaper may find that they need to clean, monitor, and replace their atomizer much more frequently, which is a considerable amount of work.

Furthermore, certain exotic flavors and high nicotine juices are not available in VG. Sweet e-juice, in particular, doesn't work well with high VG because the flavor gets masked by the natural sweetness, and the added thickness tends to gunk up the coils. 

VG vs PG

That's a lot to take in at first. The following summary should make it easier to understand.

VG pros: Bigger clouds, longer shelf life, less throat irritation, better for creamy flavors

VG cons: diluted flavors, more maintenance (gunk on coils), bad for sweet flavors

PG pros: Better throat hit, less effect on flavor, less maintenance, better for sweet flavors

PG cons: smaller clouds, more throat irritation, requires a high-wattage device

Mix And Match: The Optimal PG/VG Ratio

When vaping first kicked off, most users would choose from a 100% PG base. A 100% VG base was typically only used by those with an allergy to PG.

These days, however, the game has changed. Manufacturers and vaping enthusiasts alike have started to understand the benefits of choosing a mix between the two. 

The million dollar question for many modern vapers is; how much of each to use? What is the optimal PG/VG ratio?

Ultimately, the answer depends on personal preference and the kind of device in use. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of a few common ratios.

VG 100% / PG 0% 

Max VG is essential for vapers who are allergic to PG. Those who tend to have throat irritation issues often don't need max VG, as a low PG level (i.e. 70VG/30PG) could resolve their issues. Obsessed cloud chasers prefer max VG for its ability to create epic plumes.

On the downside, there's virtually no throat hit which many vapers adore. It'll also heavily mask the flavor of your nicotine juice and create constant maintenance issues.

VG 70% / PG 30% 

This ratio allows the vaper to produce massive clouds while still enjoying a light throat hit. 

Although far from ideal, the flavors are less diluted and maintenance is less problematic than max VG. 

For vapers that lean towards the big cloud side, 70/30 represents a nice compromise between the two.

VG 50% / PG 50%

Not long ago, 50/50 was the middle ground blend that manufacturers would recommend right off the bat. These days, however, 70/30 seems to have become more popular as big clouds tend to take precedence over throat hit and flavor.

With 50/50, you'll taste stronger flavors and get a more satisfying throat hit at the expense of those chunky clouds that come with high VG. 

VG 30% / PG 70%

Vapor production drops right down here, although flavors and throat hit increases dramatically. Maintenance also becomes much easier to deal with. 

This ratio is nice for users who care more about the vaping sensation than the size of their clouds. New vapers and those switching from smoking cigarettes would like this, assuming they don't suffer from throat irritation. 

VG 0% / PG 100%

This extreme option is for vapers who love those crystal clear flavors, and a super satisfying throat hit. Of course, your clouds will be pathetic, and you'll need a supercharged mod to vape.

If you suffer from throat irritation, you definitely don't want to try this. 

VG vs PG: Explaining The Difference Between The Two

Effectively communicating the VG vs PG debate to your customers will win them over and ultimately lead to more sales. Ensure all your sales staff understand and memorize the difference between the two.

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