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Air Factory E-Liquid 100ML

Air Factory E-Liquid is a top-notch e-juice brand situated in the USA fabricated by Hold Fast Vapor. The trio seasoned sweet e-juice is bundled in a 100ml Chubby Unicorn bottle. Air Factory E-Liquid is the taffy treat injected into a sweet and smooth e-fluid, that is intended to beat the desires for any vaping sense of taste.


Blue Razz
Gushing with electrifying blue raspberry! The blue raspberry taffy flavor you just can't get enough of!

?Mystery? flavored fruity taffy! Is it apple? Is it berry? It is a fruit....but is it cherry?

Kiwi Strawberry
A sweet strawberry taffy with a slight touch of kiwi.

Wild Apple
A mouth-watering, sweet apple taffy candy with the perfect blend of red and green apples.

Berry Rush
A combination of sweet taffy candy infused with a mix of delectable berries.

Melon Lush
A wild blast of lush melons including watermelon and honeydew.