Atman Mantis Mechanical Pipe For Loose Leaf Smoking Pipe

Brand: ATMAN

Product Code: 5060430030669

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Atman Mantis Mechanical Smoking Pipe. 4.75".

  • Volume 3.8ml, Mega Volume For Dry Herb
  • Material: Eco-Friendly Aluminum, Very Light And Portable
  • Surfacing: Anodic Hard Oxide, Top Grade Quality
  • Removable Design: Integral Removable, Easy to Assemble, Easy To Clean
  • Flexible Mouthpiece Design: Help To Clean And Press Out The Ash From The Pipe After Smoke
  • Bottom Cap: With Honeycomb Cap, Help To Light The Dry Herb And Clean The Ash While Smoking, No Ash Dropping
  • Windows: From The 4 Side Windows On The Pipe, You Can See How The Herb Working On
  • Mouthpiece: Flat Mouthpiece Ergonomic Design
  • Invisible Storage Design: With An Invisible Storage Design In The Mouthpiece To Storage Smoke.