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Bad Drip Bad Salt Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML

Dont Care Bear
Great Gooey globs of Gluey, gloppy, Gummy Guts, mutilated melon meat, pulverized, puked, Pear and Peach

Ugly Butter
They don’t call it ugLy for nothing… Uncle Freddy’s famous, fancy fried Dough, showered with carnival cuLtivated Cinnamon-Sugar, serenaded with a quaLity Banana pudding.

Bad Blood
From the RV, to BAD drip labs…We cooked up this crystal BLUEBERRY persuasion, spattered with the blood of a POMEGRANATE, hit off with a trace vanilla dusting.

Cereal Trip
Conceived from the tear drops of crying clowns is your Daddy’s favorite fruit cereal, slathered on top of a gooey frosted Donut, drowning in a sugar-rich milk bath.

Farley's Narley Sauce
Based off the recipe older than bob ross’s paintbrush, we pile-drived Tangy kiwi (The fruit, not the bird) into the heart of psychedelic strawberries dipped in a Light bubblegum nectar.

Bad Apple
This nicotine salt e-liquid features the taste of Apple, Apple, Apple and MORE APPLE.