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Beard Vape E-Liquid 60ML

NO. 00
Sweet Tobaccocino.
VG/PG 80/20

NO. 05
NY style cheesecake with strawberries on top
VG/PG 60/40

NO. 24
A salted caramel malt that has quickly become an instant classic.
VG/PG 70/30

NO. 32
A delicious cinnamon funnel cake
VG/PG 60/40

NO. 42 
Cold Fruit Cup 
VG/PG 70/30

NO. 51
custard with a dash of custard
VG/PG 85/15

NO. 64
A unique blue raspberry hibiscus twist
VG/PG 70/30

NO. 71
Sweet & sour sugar peach
VG/PG 70/30

NO. 99
Tart lemons and raspberry baked to perfection
VG/PG 60/40