The eGo T electronic cigarette starter pack is seemingly the most famous present day electronic vaporizer that aided kickstart the vaping transformation. The eGo-t was one of the principal inventive structures in electronic cigarettes, and still right up 'til today profoundly supported considerably more so by new vapors for its effortlessness and simplicity of activity. This sense of self t vape pen accompanies tank cartridges, which hold 1.1ml of juice, trickles e-squeeze straightforwardly into the atomizer without the need of conventional cartridge fillers. This procedure produces wonderful vapor and keeps up a solid preference for the client. This eGo Ecig is an absolute necessity have for a learner or any individual who vapes, at this cost, regardless of whether you officially possess an electronic cigarette, it makes the ideal back up.


1) 1 Battery for ego

2) 1 CE4 atomizer

3) 1 USB charger

4) 1 blister case