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Chain Vapez E-Liquid 100mL

Mixologist Lee and his group of Chainvaperz needed to make a brand and way of life that spoke to the way of life at its present state… vaping was made as a more advantageous option, to help individuals quit smoking… to break free from our detainment of cigarettes. We pick a more advantageous way of life, that we the Chainvaperz take stand, and accordingly our e-fluid was made during this skirmish of vape forbiddance. Our regular vape e-fluids were made on the assault of this concealment. The Chainvaperz present to you - Chain Vapez-our fluid, way of life, and culture moving.

Flavor Profiles

XXX and Chill
Let’s XXX and Chill!3 different strawberries from various parts of the world come together and are blended and frozen to perfection. Inhale this Cool version of our Award Winning XXX.

The ever more popular strawberry flavor has been taken to new heights for all you strawberry lovers. Three various Strawberries, from different parts of the world, come together and are mixed and blended to perfection. The perfect vape on hot summer days or cold cuddly nights. We present to you XXX (Triple X), something this good, can’t be right!

Sauce: Freshly plucked raspberries with sweet lemons come together in this mouthwatering flavor. The both are steeped until the two become one and emerge as SAUCE. A RaspLemon Berry flavor that gets better and better as your bottle dwindles down! The marriage of these two sweet and tarty fruits is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Why So Cereal
Why So Cereal? is a take on a popular fruit-flavored cereal merging with the perfect amount of sweet Cream that blends it into a rich, smooth, creamy all day cereal vape. It could leave one pondering, on why life is sometimes taken so serious!

Sunset Sherbert
The most exotic fruits come together and are master mixed to precision in this rainbow array of fruit medley. Savor the tartness on the inhale, while the sweetness leaves you wanting more on the exhale....the perfect vape over looking a beautiful sunset!

Cherry Pie
A delicious traditional American Pie with a tart, sweet, cherry filling, baked with a sugary cinnamon glaze. Celebrate this classic flavor vape on any holiday or on the fourth of July with all the fireworks.