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Banana Bread Puddin'
Banana Bread Puddin' is a classic scrumptious southern dessert! Banana Bread Pudding by Country Clouds Salt, is a sweet and creamy dessert vape! Enjoy ripe bananas blended with sweet cream and topped off with a crumbly vanilla crust. Rich, creamy banana pudding topped off with sweet meringue all on a bed of crushed vanilla wafers.

Chocolate Puddin'
Chocolate Puddin' e-juice is a good old' fashioned dessert classic! Enjoy rich chocolate blended with sweet whipped cream and enveloped in graham cracker.

Corn Bread Puddin'
Corn Bread Puddin' stands as a one of a kind e-liquid, the first and original of this flavor line. Its flavor consists of golden baked cornbread infused with maple and sweet vanilla cream. Deliciously charred cornbread, vanilla-cream and brown sugar-maple make for an impressive e-liquid.

Lemon Puddin' Pie
Lemon Puddin' Pie is a succulent twang dessert e-juice jammed with three layers of citrus-y lemon-like, meringue topped off with the ever-so light and fluffy whipped cream laying on top of a buttery crust.

Strawberry Corn Bread Puddin'
A golden brown baked strawberry cornbread infused with maple and sweet vanilla cream.

Blueberry Corn Bread Puddin'
Brown baked cornbread topped with fresh blueberries.