Fresh Farms E-Juice 60ML

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Barnyard Berry- The first man-made candy, by nature. Barnyard Berry is our assumption of classics with temperate natures. We took our delicious flavors of strawberry and raspberry and introduced the blackberry to them. Every moment a subtle lemon exhalation guarantees a smooth taste. The Barnyard Berry is sure to leave, inspired by nature and perfected by the Fresh Farms family.

Morning Melon- Morning Melon is the perfect blend of Honey Dew, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe flavors brought to you by The Fresh Farms family, coupled with a hint of sweet minty goodness that will surely leave you refreshed, like that first barefoot step into dew-covered grass. Morning Melon is a light but sweet lock for your next "all-day vape." Good taste of love. It's not food; do it;

Strawberry Butter Cake- An essential part of American baking, and a favorite of Fresh Farms. We took this classic from America and gave it the spin from Fresh Farms to take your next dessert vape. Ripe Strawberries, a lighter-than-air flaky-golden crust, and Grandmas secret touch produces enough flavor for the most discerning palate to please. Relax with our Cake Strawberry Farm. Write anything you want

Sour Grape and Apple –A delicious mix of sour apple and grape sweets to thrill your buds! Our unique sweet and sour mix creates a seductive, candy-like experience that you can't put down.