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The GRAV Dugout is premium aluminum tester for careful burning of medicinal or recreational cannabis. The Dugout by Grav Labs has a  storage, grinder, and bowl perfectly sized to easily fit in your pocket or hand. Turn the cover to get to the two chambers. One side contains a spring-stacked aluminum tester with teeth to easily crush and load the bowl. The bigger chamber is a storage for your preferred therapeutic or recreational bloom, with an convenient window for a quick stockpile check. The base of the Dugout has a recessed pin which can be utilized to wipe and Clean out your bowl after use. The Grav Dugout is manufactured from CNC aluminum completed with an engraved GRAV logo and incorporates a hurdle up conveying case which you can clip to any keychain or cord.

Product Specifications :

  • Use  With : Flower 
  • Length  Height : 3.75" 
  • Comes  With : Aluminum Taster & Carrying Case