Much the same as a genuine Baboon, our Baboon Series Grinders have a solid, one of a kind appearance that separates them from the rest. The attractive cover includes a thick edge with a radiance of depressions, looking like the mane of hair that envelops both the monkey's exposed face and uncovered behind. Mandrills share 91% DNA similitudes to people, making them a smart and incredible species. You'll be dazzled by the perseverance and fierceness it grinds with!

Mandrills have a lot more honed teeth than most different monkeys. This 4-piece component has an attractive cover with razor sharp, Baboon-like teeth that separate even the stickiest, densest nugs down to a light, fleecy pound. The furrows along the attractive top make it to turn. A work sifter screen suspends the herb over the pollen catcher that incorporates a scrubber.