Very colorful, unique and big, the Mandrill monkey is like, this Grinder classic  Series, is bound to love by you. Best known for their brightly-pigmented faces and behinds, the Mandrill Series catches the eye with beautiful colors and inventive glass panels that allow you to check your levels before unscrewing the collector.

The Mandrill grinder has  an creative Mandrill fang-shaped side extension that looks like t built-in food chamber compartments found in the actual monkey’s cheeks. This side spout extends so you can pour the grind directly into your paper, wrap or piece, eliminating sticky fingers.The spout gets locks in grinding position with a magnet, but is easy to open if you want  to pour  it out when ready. The 4-piece grinder features razor sharp teeth arranged in the shape of lightning bolts that pulverize your bud to a light, fluffy consistency. It drops through to a mesh screen to sift the cystals down into the pollen chamber, equipped with a scraper.