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Melon Colada - Is a wonderful combination of tropical natural products, fresh melons and invigorating menthol. As you take puffs of Melon Colada, you'll feel like you're on a tropical shoreline as pineapple, coconut, melon and mint flavors alternate energizing your taste buds. In the event that you long for mint-implanted fruity flavors, this is a definitive treat for your sense of taste.

When you breathe in Melon Colada vape juice, a tart pineapple flavor stimulates the tongue as its sweet squeeze washes over your sense of taste. At that point, invigorating melon flavor soaks the taste buds, offsetting the pineapple season flawlessly. Gradually, sugary and rich coconut flavor gives this taste experience an additional increase in tropical goodness. With each breathe out, crisp menthol revives you and makes the whole mouth shiver.

Mangerine Guava - The mix of splendid tangerines and tropical guava is ensured to fortify your taste buds like a tasty smoothie. The expansion of crisp menthol makes this e-fluid as reviving as anyone might imagine.

As you breathe in Mangerine Guava vape juice, tropical guava flavor shivers on each taste bud as its tart and sugary taste sends you off to heaven. At that point, a sweet tangerine flavor with its happy citrus taste extinguishes your thirst. As you breathe out, a super cold menthol stream chills you off.

Strawmelon Apple - A sweet organic product trifecta of strawberry, watermelon, and apple completed off with a cool menthol impact.