The Milkman E Liquid discharged the first form of this item to such request discovering it was troublesome and experiencing a whole container in multi day as a simple accomplishment. Presently in salt nicotine recipe you can appreciate this saint of vaping old stories in your preferred unit mod frameworks absent much exertion. Fulfill your requirement for velvety goodness in a manner not very many can ever accomplish.

Churrios Salt - Churros and Fresh Milk
Warm, Fluffy churros sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, covered in that signature fresh milk, you've come to know and love.

 Pudding Salt - Vanilla Pudding and Lemon
A rich and decadent, creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon overtones that hdanily meets the high standards of excellence you've come to expect from The Milkman.

Crumbleberry Salt - Raspberry Crumble and Vanilla Cream
A fresh and sweet raspberry flavor paired with light pie cream and a crispy crumble crust. If you’re looking for a light and fruity dessert flavor, you can count on Crumbleberry.

Sweet Mint Salt - Sweet Mint
A cooling and refreshing spearmint gum. The bold and cooling sweet sensations you'll get by vaping Sweet Mint will leave you instantly satisfied.

Strudelhaus Salt - Blueberry Strudel
A warm and flaky strudel loaded with sweet blueberries, filled with cream, and topped with powdered sugar.

Gold Salt - Honey and Cream Tobacco
A classic full-bodied tobacco flavor complemented with rich honey and decadent cream. You can't go wrong with this perfect marriage of three delicious flavors.

A flavorful nicotine salt creation taking notes of juicy watermelons and mixing it with an invigorating blast of nicotine salts for a delightfully fruity experience.

Combines the light fragrant essence of a juicy ripened peach and intermingles it with a serving of powerful nicotine salts for an exquisite fruity creation that will embellish the taste buds with extraordinary flavor.

Mixes together a leafy tobacco with smooth vanilla overtones followed by rich caramel to create a delightful nicotine salt creation that will please the taste buds.

Combines tasty vine-ripened strawberries with an invigorating splash of nicotine salts that is sure to awaken the senses with a startling buzz. 

A nicotine salt creation blending together the rich sweet essence of juicy mangoes fusioned with powerful nicotine salts to create a delectable eJuice that will entice the senses.