Nasty Shisha E-Liquid 60ML E-Juice Bottle

Brand: Nasty Juice

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Green Grape

Green Grape (Shisha Series) by Nasty Juice E Liquid is a fresh and sweet season. The mix of fresh surface with a fly of sweetness has made this a delectable release to our shisha plans

Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint (Shisha Series) by Nasty Juice E Liquid is a delicious citrusy lemon enhance, the great sharp lemonade joined with a sweet minty cold sensation. An ideal equalization of mint and lemon

Grape Raspberry

Grape Raspberry (Shisha Series) by Nasty Juice E Liquid highlights ready grapes that were picked to get the fruity and earth taste, blended with crisp sweet raspberry. Together they resemble libra, an ideal parity of sweet and freshness.

Twofold Apple

Twofold Apple (Shisha Series) by Nasty Juice E Liquid resembles gnawing a flavourful red apple. Twofold the nibble with a trace of acrid, yet with a perfectly succulent green apple. An ideal blend demonstrated throughout the entire existence of shisha.