Nitecore UM10 USB Charger

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Safety and convenience are hallmarks of the Nitecore brand. The UM10 belongs to a family of chargers that are built with intelligent chips which automatically detects potential risks and ensures maximum efficiency. With an LCD screen that shows real-time charging status, you can easily monitor the power levels of your battery and gadget.

The Nitecore UM Series
Compared to most battery chargers, the Nitecore UM10 is highly portable due to its compact size.

The single-bay Nitecore UM10 has two charging ports – one on top and another at the back. This way you can charge one Li-ion battery and an external device simultaneously.

During low power conditions, you have the option to prioritize charging according to your preference.

Unlike most chargers, the UM10 has an LCD screen in front that displays charging progress and battery power levels in real time.

At the back of the Nitecore UM10 is a cable winder that eliminates cable clutter while the rear USB port allows you to transfer data to your device while it is charging.

Safety is always an issue with battery chargers, and Nitecore has gone the extra mile to ensure that your batteries and devices are protected while charging.

The Nitecore UM10 is made of high-quality, fire-retardant ABS plastic. It has reverse polarity protection and automatically selects charging current based on battery capacity. The UM10 also has the capability to detect input power and distribute charging power effectively.


Powers a Li-ion battery and an external device simultaneously
Made of fire-retardant materials
USB charging input and output
Integrated power management system
Automatic selection of charging current based on battery capacity
Automatic detection of input power
Intelligently distributes charging power
Optimized charging program for IMR batteries
Priority Mode offers either battery or USB charging
High-definition LCD screen displays battery power level and charging progress (accurate to 1%)
Reverse polarity protection
Designed for optimal heat dissipation
Enables data transfer via USB
USB cable winder
Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC, and CEC
Insured worldwide by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Ltd
The Nitecore UM10 is compatible with the following Li-ion / IMR cells: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340, 14500 and 10440