NOMS X2 120ML E-Juice

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Noms X2 E-Liquid is brought to you from Boise, Idaho. At first set upon the Vapor world in mid 2016, this augmentation of the Nomenon family flaunts an extreme after which has not yet started to back off. Expanding upon the strong establishment and reputation of Nomenon to convey fruit product, Noms X2 sets out set for add a layer of multifaceted nature to the experience. Putting aside any previously established preconceptions of what it might intend to be an fruit  themed vape juice, this is a product that is out to reclassify the genre. Introducing a line-up of exceptionally consolidated fruit products, Noms X2 E-Liquid conveys a commendable replacement to the hit Nomenon flavors. Entertain yourself with a determination of complimentary fruit products extending from a white peach raspberry right to unique desert flora jackfruit with mandarin. It is now the ideal chance to find why this imaginative choice of spellbinding mixes makes picking a most loved almost impossible. Every single flavor is the consequence of long periods of careful turn of events, with a sharp eye towards concocting blends of natural products which are in their very own class. Each 120ml Nottle comes in the unique color themed box  which has become instantly recognizable the world over, and sets the state of mind for the blast of flavor which makes certain to follow.

Flavors :

Phenomenon :
  • Experience the wonder!This flavor is only one major secret. Whatever, you know it's going to be acceptable.
Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin : 
  • An overwhelming succulent vape that has extraordinary flavor and cloud creation. Cactus plant blending in with the appetizing jackfruit finished off with the citrus of mandarin orange. Insane, yet inconceivably delectable. Give it a go!
White Peach Raspberry :
  • White peach is combined with the ready full kind of raspberry in this stunning eliquid. White Peach Raspberry meet up in a definitive peach and raspberry vape!

Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine :

  • Kiwi, Passion Fruit, and Nectorine all mixed together to make an ideal mix for an ideal throughout the day vape.

Cherry Lime Ginger :

  • A blend you probably won't think works, however it does. It's astonishing how that occurs. Cherry, lime, and ginger.