Noms X2 Salts 30ml E-Liquid

Brand: NOMS

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The Noms X2 Salts arrangement from Nomenon is conveys energizing nicotine salts flavor blends to your preferred pod system.

Flavors : 

Cactus Jackfruit :

Cactus blending with the savory jackfruit finished off with the citrus of mandarin orange. Crazy, but delicious. A heavy juicy vape that has great flavor and cloud production. 

White Peach Raspberry :

White Peach Raspberry Nic Salts provides the sweetness of white peaches mixed with the invigorating tartness of wild raspberries in a nicotine salts base that's an ideal selection for your pod of choice

Kiwi Passionfruit :

Kiwi Passionfruit Nic Salts gives the exotic tang of kiwi mixed with the tropical sweetness of passionfruit in a satisfying nicotine salts formula that's a perfect partner for your favorite pod system

Cherry Lime Ginger  :

Cherry Lime Ginger Nic Salts delivers the tart sweetness of cherries, the crisp refreshment of lime, and the surprised complexity of ginger in a nicotine salts formulation that's perfect for your favorite pod

Nicotine Strength : 24MG and 48MG