Yocan Loaded 1400mAh Wax Pen Vaporizer Starter Kit

The Yocan Loaded Wax Vape Pen has a smaller and prudent structure that fits in the palm of your hand or pocket. The recently planned Loaded is worked with an extendable mouthpiece for a cleaner approach to appreciate vaping. The stacked vape pen with has a fresh out of the plastic new strategy to supplant the curl heads. The base of the atomizer is magnetic,just open the entryway and basically take the loop out from the chamber at that point put the new curl back in. There are two curl heads incorporated into the wax vape kit,the quad loop utilizing 4 quartz pole curls is made for mammoth mists and smooth hits, ideal for cloud chasers. The QDC coil(quartz double curl) give the most perfect understanding and a gem spotless and smooth quintessence. The yocan stacked inherent has a 1400mah worked in battery,which can be charged by associating with the divider connector or power bank by means of small scale USB link. The stacked highlights 100% removable attractive silicone container. Thid double compartment silicone container gives enough space to convey two distinct kinds of your amasses at once,helps keep the majority of your courtesies together for extreme protability.

Size:129 x 22mm
Built-in 1400mAh Battery
USB Charging Supports
Compact,Discreet And Pocket-Friendly
Detachable Magnetic Built-In Dual Compartment Jar
Quad Quartz Coil And Quartz Dual Coils Available
Magnetic Lid And Container Included

1 x Loaded Wax Vape Pen
1 x Quad Quartz Coil
1 x Extra Quartz Dual Coil
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Tool
1 x User Manual