Convenient touch pens are wherever you look. Regardless of whether it's in someones pocket, in their grasp or in the vape shop you visit, you can't turn without seeing one. Be that as it may, they're not all made equivalent with a similar effectiveness. This is because of the quartz curl and the clay doughnut loop. The two of them are produced using materials that are known to be dormant.

The battery is 1100mAh which means it will keep going for quite a while. This meet up to give you a definitive unadulterated touch vape experience.


  • Luxurious and High Quality Design
  • Portable extract vaporizer
  • Quartz Rod Coil
  • CDC (Ceramic Donut Coil) 
  • Magnetic Snap on Attachment
  • Discreet container with silicone lining for storage
  • Long Lasting 1100mAh battery